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The 5 Factors That Can Make or Break Commercial Mortgage Approvals

It’s no secret that borrowers often struggle to work with traditional lenders when trying to secure commercial mortgage approvals. The usual difficulties are made exponentially greater when the real estate in question falls outside their guidelines.   But what borrowers may not know is that there are alternative lending options that provide the flexibility to […]

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Get the Right Take-Out Solution for Your Commercial Bridge Loan

One of the most interesting aspects of commercial real estate lending is the fact that every borrower has a different story and unique needs. Whereas the residential mortgage arena is full of “comparables,” no two commercial transactions are exactly alike. That said, certain scenarios are more common than others. One well-known case is the borrower […]

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3 Benefits of Working with a Direct Lender

Why weave through a maze if you can go straight to the finish line? When you partner with a direct lender on your commercial mortgage, you can eliminate much of the difficulty that comes from juggling bank and broker relationships. If traditional lenders have left you with no clear path to a funded loan, take […]

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