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How One Business Owner Got the Cash-Out Loan They Needed Without Tax Returns

Documentation concerns are a major issue for borrowers in need of commercial mortgage financing.Tax returns are a particular source of worry.  That’s because small business owners often struggle to produce returns that accurately prove their current income level. The problem is that many traditional lenders require this type of documentation when determining whether to approve […]

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Making a Case for Commercial Mortgage Cash-Out

Cash-Out Realities in today’s market The cash-out refinance is a common tactic for investors and business owners who want to tap into the equity they have in a commercial property. It’s a smart option for anyone looking to improve their property or those who need cash to make another investment.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy […]

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Overcoming Challenges on a Commercial Real Estate Purchase

What lenders look for Investors and business owners looking to purchase commercial real estate must clear several hurdles when working with traditional lenders.  These typically have to do with either the borrower’s financial history or the property’s ability to generate revenue. But what if lenders discover roadblocks in both areas?  That’s what happened with an […]

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How to Get an Attractive Loan without Providing Tax Returns

Documentation Concerns for Commercial Borrowers Documentation issues can present a major issue for prospective borrowers trying to secure a commercial real estate loan.  Some prospective borrowers have tax returns that do not necessarily reflect their current income, while others have difficulty producing the required documentation in the first place. Alternative solutions do exist, but if […]

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A Custom Solution for a 1-4 unit Investor Property

A popular investment strategy in today’s market Real estate investors see a great deal of value in both single family rental homes and 2-4 unit multifamily properties.  Some investors execute fix-and-flip strategies with these properties, while others see more promise in holding onto the units for a long period of time. The long-term strategy investors […]

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An Alternative Solution for a Recently Stabilized Property

Experienced commercial real estate borrowers know that property stabilization is a major factor lenders consider when deciding whether or not to approve a loan.  They need to be able to determine that a property is fully leased and is experiencing an acceptable amount of tenant turnover. For many property owners, meeting traditional lenders’ stabilization requirements […]

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