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(5+ Units)

Any building that consists of multiple separate housing units within one residential building

  • Often classified as high-rise, low-rise, or garden apartments.
  • Can include duplexes and apartment buildings with common areas and facilities such as entrances, lobbies, elevators, walks, or grounds.


Development that allows for more than one type of use in a building or set of buildings

  • Can be combination of residential, commercial, industrial, office, institutional, or other land uses.
  • Common types include a ground floor retail, restaurant, or office space with rental or owner-occupied apartment upstairs.


Includes tint shops, tire stores, and mechanic property types

  • Can be a stand-alone facility or located in a retail center or warehouse


Property typically used for manufacturing, assembly, and the storage and distribution of goods

  • Generally less than 25,000 square feet.
  • Includes sufficient plumbing and lighting to accommodate personnel but must not contain any type of heavy machinery, welding operation, crane, or hazardous materials.


Parcels of land zoned and developed for use by occupants of mobile homes

  • Can sometimes include amenities such as pools and laundry facilities.
  • Should be fairly well-maintained and provide on-site water and waste management services.


Structure designed for general commercial occupancy and normally subdivided into smaller units

  • Implies a general business use that does not include retail, manufacturing, or warehouse operations.
  • Can be single or multi-tenant.
  • Medical office and business office combinations are acceptable as long as there is no surgical center on the premises.


Can be a single, free-standing structure or a multi-tenant strip center that may or may not include anchor stores

  • Typically includes a mix of small inline stores that focus on conveniences like nail and hair salons, bank branches, dry cleaners, liquor stores, and sandwich shops
  • Can be owner-occupied or bought as an investment
  • Must be occupied and stabilized


Permanent structure that provides storage to individuals and business customers

  • Units are typically leased on a short-term basis and are used to store household goods, excess inventory, or archived business records
  • Property must be stabilized by being fully leased with rents at market rates


Primarily used for the storage or distribution of goods and materials

  • Can also be used for manufacturing, assembly, and research and development
  • Characterized by a small-sized facility (usually less than 25,000 square feet)
  • May include office space
  • Cold storage and transit warehouses with truck terminals are included in this category


Used for early childhood, handicapped, and adult or senior care or development centers

  • Include kindergartens, nurseries, or children’s preschools
  • Contain light kitchen facilities, activity rooms, and multiple restrooms
  • Properties are more residential in style than schools


Constructed for the purpose of preparation and the sale of food and/or beverages

  • Includes cafeterias, bars, and taverns where the design is of restaurant type
  • Adult entertainment is not considered eligible in this category


Consists of establishments that may or may not have an alcohol license and may serve some light food options

  • Adult entertainment is not considered eligible in this category