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Don’t settle for restrictive bank financing — customize your commercial mortgage with Commercial Direct, a commercial mortgage lender South Florida solution. Choose from borrower-friendly terms and flexible payment schedules to design the exact loan to fit your needs.

Take charge of this fast-paced commercial real estate market. Skip the loan committees of traditional commercial mortgage lenders and work directly with experts who understand you and your commercial property.

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Average days to close: 35

Average days to close: 35


Reduced documentation programs

• Reduced documentation programs for commercial loans
• Amortizations of up to 30 years
• Flexible payment schedules



Submit your commercial lending request and choose the terms and options that work for you.

A commercial mortgage South Florida specialist will contact you with a pre-approval within 2 business days.

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Skip the bank’s loan committee. Take advantage of a speedy underwriting process and a team that understands the commercial loans South Florida borrowers need.

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Commercial Mortgage South Florida Success Stories

Loan Amount: $750,000
Purpose: Refinance

The Problem:

An experienced investor purchased a retail property in South Florida and spent the next 18 months rehabbing and stabilizing the property. When it came time to refinance, the investor struggled to work with traditional commercial mortgage lenders. Despite their high credit scores, they were turned down at several local banks due to recent stabilization and bank DSCR/underwriting requirements.

The Commercial Lending Solution:

Commercial Direct’s team delivered a better commercial lending South Florida experience by refinancing the investor out of a high rate, short term hard money loan and offering a financing solution that fit their needs with a 5/1 ARM, 30-year amortization with a 3-year prepayment penalty.

“Closings go smoothly with Commercial Direct. The transaction manager was extremely helpful and patient and made every step crystal clear. Your guidance was impeccable and it was really a very smooth process.”
– Borrower

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3 Steps to Finding the Right Commercial Mortgage South Florida

It’s true. The world of small balance commercial lending is populated by a much wider variety of commercial mortgage lenders than is the residential world. And with a variety of property types and business needs there can be a lot of program options.

But it’s not as complex as you might think. So, if you’re new to commercial lending and looking for a lender that meets your needs, simply follow the advice here and save some serious time.

Here are 3 steps to help you quickly find the ideal commercial mortgage lender and program for your situation.

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