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Commercial Mortgage Atlanta Solutions

Get a Custom Loan from $250,000 to $2 Million

Looking for a commercial mortgage lender in Atlanta? Don’t settle for restrictive bank financing.  Take charge of your mortgage and design the exact loan to fit your needs with Commercial Direct.  With borrower-friendly terms and a streamlined transaction process, you can get a commercial mortgage on your own terms.

The commercial mortgage Atlanta market moves fast.  You need a commercial mortgage lender that can move even faster.  Skip the loan committees of traditional commercial mortgage lenders in Atlanta and work with a direct lender that truly understands you and your commercial property.

Apply now to design your custom commercial lending solution.

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Get the funds you need

Refinance and get the funds you need from your commercial mortgage Atlanta


Average days to close: 35

Average days to close: 35


Reduced documentation programs

• Reduced documentation programs for commercial loans
• Amortizations of up to 30 years
• Flexible payment schedules



Submit your commercial lending request and choose the terms and options that work for you.

A commercial mortgage Atlanta specialist will contact you with a pre-approval within 2 business days.

Get Direct Feedback

Skip the bank’s loan committee. Take advantage of a speedy underwriting process and a team that understands the commercial loans Atlanta borrowers need.

Receive the funding you need to grow your business.


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Commercial Mortgage Atlanta Success Stories

Loan Amount: $680,000
Purpose: Cash-Out Refinance

The Problem:

An investor with a high-rate, short-term mortgage needed to refinance and secure a more long-term loan. They also wanted to take cash-out of their existing mortgage.

The Commercial Lending Solution:

Commercial Direct’s team was able to secure funding and the cash-out the investor needed without having to provide tax returns or a 4506T.

“I was happy with everyone I worked with and would gladly recommend Commercial Direct and the entire team for anyone’s future funding needs based on the overall experience. You all were professional through and through. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and got this loan closed!”
– Borrower

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Use These 5 Cs to Evaluate Commercial Mortgage Lenders

When commercial mortgage lenders in Atlanta conduct a borrower assessment, they typically base their evaluation on some variation of the “5 Cs” — Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, and Conditions.

But why should lenders have all the fun? With so many different types of lenders in the commercial lending market, it’s just as important for you to develop an evaluation model of your own. If you know which questions to ask, you can get a clear picture of a lender’s ability to fund your loan and meet your specific needs.