Tier 2 Property

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Tier 2 properties includes all other property types not classified under the Tier 1 definition:

Mixed-Use – Property with more than 50% of the gross rental income generated by the commercial space. Mixed-Use property tier may increase depending on the use of the commercial space.

Mixed-Use Automotive – May only be considered Tier 2 as a component of a multi-tenant property with less than 25% of the property’s gross income derived from the auto-related tenant(s)

Office (may include a medical office with no surgical procedures component)

Light Industrial (no heavy/dirty manufacturing)

Retail/Wholesale Store/Strip Center

Mobile Home Parks (no park-owned trailers or their income must be included in value)

Daycare Centers

Warehouse/Self-Storage Facility (traditional self-storage only with no credit to outside storage income)

Standalone Automotive