You May Need…

Loan Application

Submitting a loan application is the first step to securing a custom mortgage solution from Commercial Direct. Fill out the required financial and personal information and then email the application to

Loan Supplement Form

Complete and submit this form if you have already given us an application from another mortgage lender.

Property Operating Statement

The Property Operating Statement documents the income and expenses of the property for the past two years in addition to the year-to-date operating results.

Commercial Rent Roll

The commercial rent roll documents the rental information for each tenant of the property, including current rent and other charges, suite number, lease dates, type of lease, square footage occupied, and rental adjustments.

Rent Roll - Multifamily

The rent roll for multifamily properties documents the information for each tenant including unit number, description of unit, current rent amount, lease dates, square footage occupied, and rental adjustments.

Debt Schedule

The Debt Schedule documents all business and personal liabilities currently owed by the borrower and/or guarantor.

CapEx Schedule

The CapEx Schedule details all recent improvements you or current owner (in the event of a purchase) have made to the subject property.

Verification of Rent/Mortgage

The Request for Verification of Rent/Mortgage document verifies your current mortgage or lease and the payment history.

Gift Letter

The Gift Letter sources funds given to you and certifies that the funds are a gift and there is no obligation to repay at any time.

Estimated Fees Form

The Estimated Fees document illustrates the possible 3rd party fees charged at or prior to closing. P&I calculation, escrow, and ACH information is also included in the document.

Condo Questionnaire

The Condo Questionnaire requests detailed information about the condominium building and condominium association.

Vesting Map

Business entity ownership chart. Illustrates the ownership structure of the borrowing entity.

Personal Financial Statement

The Personal Financial Statement documents your financial position at a given point in time. It contains a breakdown of your total assets and liabilities.

Commercial Direct provides commercial mortgages on your own terms.