Multifamily Deal in Texas

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This borrower had very low levels of liquidity and was unable to document actual property cash-flow through tax returns. Despite the lack of liquidity, the borrower had never made a late payment on the existing mortgage, property taxes, or insurance. Commercial Direct funded the deal and provided cash-out to the borrower through its Lite Doc program, which requires no tax returns or 4506T.

Mixed-Use Loan in California

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The investor sought a non-bank solution to refinance two properties and purchase a vacant lot. Commercial Direct provided a blanket loan for the 3 adjacent properties that included the cash-out necessary to purchase the lot.

Multifamily Loan in North Carolina

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The borrower tried to refinance their multifamily property in NC with a competitor who ended up reconditioning the file at closing. The borrower was very upset and walked away. Their broker took the deal to Silver Hill, who required less documentation than the previous lender and worked with the existing appraisal and title policy.

Retail Loan in Florida

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Experienced investor rehabbed and stabilized their property in the last 18 months. Despite high credit scores, they were turned down at several local banks due to recent stabilization and bank DSCR/underwriting requirements.